Highlands Health Newsletter

Highlands Health Network has been operating since 2004 and currently has 9 family physicians and 17 staff working out of our Orangeville and Grand Valley offices. 

Highlands Update

Caring for you and your family

Working together with your physician are:

Nurse Practitioners
The Nurse Practitioner (NP) works independently with your doctor and is trained in primary care. For example, the NP can see you for a physical, do well baby visits,  provide advice on your chronic disease or treat your sore throat or ears.  The next time a receptionist mentions that your doc is full that day, ask if you can see the NP.

Students and Residents
We are a teaching site for medical and nurse practitioner students as well as Family Medicine residents. By providing them with quality hands on experience in our community, we hope to entice them to come back and set up a practice here. You may have one of these students/residents on your next visit so please join us in making them feel welcome.


Highlands Health Network
June 2013
Summer Newsletter

Contact Information

140 Rolling Hills Drive

Telephones are answered from 8:30 am Monday-Friday.


Grand Valley:
21 Main Street North

Telephones are answered from 8:30 am Monday-Friday .


Dufferin Area Family Health Team
After Hours Care for  Rostered Patients:


Take an active role in your health care.

Book your physical!

You can discuss guidelines for

preventative screening including paps,

mammograms and stool tests for blood

with your physician.


The Dufferin Area Family Health Team has a wide variety of programs that your physician can refer you to depending on your healthcare needs. Ask your physician to be referred to a provider for mental health services, diabetes education, hypertension education, respiratory education, smoking cessation, pharmacist counseling services, wound care, physical activity counseling, adult and child weight loss, chronic pain program, nutrition services.

Want to reduce stress, quit smoking, lose weight, take control? They have tools for you!

For more information on the Family Health Team, check out their website: www.dafht.ca

If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment with one of the Family Health Team staff, please call 519-938-8802 ext. 314 and peak with Barb. Please do not call your doctor’s office.


Your Family Health Team at Work

In an effort to respect the health of people with allergies, please remember that our office is scent free. Please refrain from wearing perfumes or colognes or scented hand lotions.

Influenza shot - if you are over 65 or immune compromised it is recommended that you have a flu shot each year. Our office offers flu clinics in November and December and other public clinics are available in the community. Make sure to get your flu shot this Fall.


After Hours Urgent Care

As part of a Family Health Organization (FHO), each evening our group of doctors offers an URGENT after hours clinic for enrolled patients who need urgent care. The location changes each night so you must call the office in order to be directed to the clinic that night.
The Telephone Health Advisory is another option available for rostered patients for care after office hours. Call: 1-866-553-7205.
Clinics are also available on most Friday or Saturdays.
Physicians discourage the use of clinics not associated with our FHO.

Immunizations: everyone should have a tetanus booster every 10 years! Remember that youth between the ages of 14-16 need their booster of Tetanus, Diptheria and Pertussis. This is no longer provided in the schools.

NP Cristina works in the Orangeville office daily.